Top 10 Graduate Schools On The East Coast

For parents who want to further their career, there’s often no better choice then earning a master’s degree. Advancing your degree can open you up to a wider variety of career possibilities and, in turn, a higher salary. If you live on the east coast and don’t want to budge, or if you live on the west coast and want to see a new region of the country, you’re in luck: there are tons of graduate schools lining the Atlantic.

Here are ten of the top graduate schools on the east coast:

1. University of Pennsylvania

Penn, as the school is nicknamed, has a myriad of graduate programs, including: bioengineering, cell biology and physiology, chemical engineering and law. The school is ranked fifth in the nation for business, seventh for law and second for those interested in pursuing a medical degree.

2. Harvard University

Harvard is our nation’s oldest and most prestigious college. Over 350 years old, Harvard is home to the top ranked business school in the country. Coming in third is the university’s school of education and it’s medical school is ranked top in the nation.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Most people associate MIT with engineering, and for good reason: it’s the number one engineering school in the country. Unfortunately, graduate programs at the school are overshadowed by its school of engineering. MIT offers graduate programs in biology, physics and business, to name just a few disciplines.

4. Yale University

Like Harvard, Yale’s various schools rank among the top eleven of schools nationwide. It’s law school holds the top spot, in the sixth spot is its medical school and in eleventh place is the school’s business program. Aside from these ranked programs, Yale also boasts a very prestigious business school.

5. Columbia University

With a business school ranked ninth in the nation, a law school ranked at number four, and a medical program rated tenth in the nation, Columbia should be on the short list of any graduate school. If you are looking to further you career in journalism, architecture or art, Columbia should be your first pick.

6. University of Florida, Gainesville

This university has perhaps the highest number of graduate programs on the east coast. Graduate programs can be found in the following colleges within the university: Fine Arts, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Journalism, Business, Health and Human Performance, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and more!

7. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

You can find a graduate program in virtually any discipline at this public university on the east coast. Whether you want to study biology, mathematics or nutrition, you can do it here, in one of the most visually pleasing regions of the nation.

8. Boston University

Boston University is home to students from over 140 countries, making it one of the most diverse schools in the country. You will have no trouble finding a degree of study at this historic university located in the most exciting city in Massachusetts.

9. University of Georgia

Located in Athens, Georgia, this university offers a wide range of graduate programs, making it incredibly easy to study anything you desire. With an amazing array of historic buildings, cemeteries and districts, Athens provides plenty to see and do once class is over.

10. Florida State University

Another great choice in the sunshine state, Florida State is highly recognized for its contributions to business, culture and science. The faculty at FSU are consistently honored for their high-quality level of instruction, making pursuing your graduate degree at this school one of the smartest decisions you can make.

If you are considering going back to school for your graduate degree, you can do no better than one of these top ten east coast schools. No matter which you choose; you’ll be sure to advance in your career and earn the money you deserve. A graduate degree will be nothing but beneficial to your future.

Nicole Morgan is a career counselor, and blogs for where you can find information about an online masters degree program. She enjoys finding unique career opportunities for her students!

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